Monday, January 16, 2012

[REL]Battlefield 3™ Tactical M27 IAR

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Hi all!
A lot of my visitors loves the M27 IAR, so I took some time to reMastered it and here I am, releasing it now.

I always reMaster my mods if it was such a huge hits (one of a fine example is my HUD) and M27 IAR is going to be one of it. I have attached the M27 with an EOtech & foregrip. I also included the one without the foregrip, just to give you variations. 

If you use the M27 with foregrip on, I recommend you to use my Battlefield 3™ Animations because I made the animation to fit a foregrip attachments; the link for the animation is at the end of this post. If you choose the normal version, do not download it.

[Replace m4.dff & m4.txd]
With Foregrip
Without Foregrip
 You can go prone (I replace crouch animation with prone)
Sergeant Johnson with M27 IAR (noticed he's holding the foregrip)
 CJ with M27 IAR (again, he's holding the foregrip)
CJ go prone

I'm just making a comparison of how the animations are handled by custom & original models.
Link for Battlefield 3™ Animation:

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  1. Give me your cammo Clothes Pleaseee!

    1. I found it on Toast's blog. Chek his blog man, he got some cool stuff in there

  2. Link is now working. Can you upload the gun again?

    1. what do you mean? The link always working. Just wait for a while since I used 4shared. The server is a bit laggy there

  3. kok tangannya bisa megang gripnya aku mau

  4. i request.can you make the rifle.ifp. the hand at foregrip i want it

  5. The Camo please!!! Direct link plz, I can't understand the language on his blog


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