Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review - Little Busters! Tokido Saya itasha


I got my hand on an exclusive itasha from RAiAN and he asked me to review it before can release it on his blog. Since I'm a big fan of Tokido Saya (yes, the 2nd best heroine in Little Busters!) so I took on his offer and launch it on my SA.

It looks good overall, the model is decent, though it doesn't have damage model... the itasha is... you don't have to ask :3 but there's bug in shadow and you can't enter the vehicle except via carspawner.

It may took some time for him to fix the bugs that I mention + some small bug that I found while riding it.

You can visit RAiAN blog to find more itasha! As for my blog reboot, yes it is coming soon, as of now I'm currently testing the new blog concept and such, but for now this will do ^_^ I'll probably do more itasha review and some converts but we may never know where times might take me.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Reboot of Animus-120 Zone

It's been a long time since I update this blog and it's been more longer since the last time I made mod for GTA SA. I thought that after I abandon this modding world, I would be left forever alone :v

But as time progress, people from my community and worldwide audience still comes to my blog and asked me "Are you making any mods?" "When will you release a new mod?" such question is normal and I keep getting them either from real-life conversation to e-mail. Even after a long vacuum, my blog is still getting a steady 40-80 visitors daily.

So as a comeback, I'm planning to reboot this blog. Yes, total revamp of the interface and spread out the influence to not only GTA, but also to the japanese world... (yes, animu, vn and such). When people asked me why did I quit modding, the answer is actually much more simpler than anyone thought: I'm simply too busy playing visual novels and eroges.

Expect the reboot to be soon, and with the reboot, I'm planning to release a mod that I haven't found around in the internet. Don't get your hopes up though, this thing is probably old and less popular than its twin... but still, why not do it I thought.

Cheers :D

np: yes dat's my new nickname, with reboot, comes a new rebirth :v