Monday, January 23, 2017

nao - Shinshoku no Sacrifice (浸食のサクリファイス) Lyrics

Nearly 2 years later and I still don't know why this blog is still getting a decent views. I never really abandon this blog but it's just that I completely stopped modding + playing western game and turn my face to JRPG & Visual Novel so I thought this blog is pretty much un-interesting to most people and my old followers.

Nevertheless, I scour around the internet and I haven't find anyone does lyric transliteration nor translation for this song so I'll provide transliteration and I'll add the kanji if I'm bothered to.

saijakku ga mimi wo ugatsu souran wa mune no noise
harisake souna kono yoru ni toraware
chinmoku no fukai yami e tsuioku no sugata sagasu
kiesari souna sono koe ni kasanete

mada samenai yume ni kizuato ga uzuku
kannen wo kyoujuushite konton no uzu no naka oyogu
(dokoni ikeba ii?)

haigo ni sameru musou no kagetachi
mukuna kokoro wo kegasu
mamoritai taisetsuna omoidetachi
kotobanaku ubawareteku kobamenai yokubou
sashidasu kono karada to karappo no kokoro wo
mushibandeku Sacrifice

seiren no hana wa karete junjun no toki wa sugiru
utsuru na hitomi ni nani ga utsuru no
mata hajimaru asu ni yakusoku wo himete
kaikan wo kanjoushite shinjitsu to gensou ni madou

kyouzou no sekai teikou no hazama
aganau tame no kiseki
haitoku to uso de meritsubu sareteku

itoshii hibi
kaeritakute demo modorenakute
akogare ni moniteiru
kirameki no hikari wa sugu ni kieta

kanjou wo koroshitara
etsuraku no uso narabe
itsuwari no egao mise
kairaku wo motometeru
hontou no namida wa mou
itsu no mani kieuseta

Dearest Blue
nanimokamo ga fuan ni naru yoru
mune ni yadoru omoi wo
dakishimete chikara tsuyoku tachimukau
kotoba naku ubawaretemo asenai hikari ga
sashidasu kono karada to
karappo no kokoro wo terasu Diamond yokubou
irodoru Sacrifice

I originally got this album because of CM3D2's music dance was included in it, but then I remember I played Dearest Blue near the end of 2016 and I actually like the True End so I ended up listening to this song but didn't really get a decent quality of the song until VisualArts release nao's 7th album in their C91 market.

Enjoy guys, if there's any mistake in my transliteration please let me know, if you guys want to use my transliteration anywhere just credit me as Animus120 or give a link to this blogpost.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Kosmos, Cosmos (Azumi + Yurina Version)

Was browsing, found this:
I was like, dank this is some good stuff. Instead of downloading it and then rip the audio, I re-did the audio in audacity since I have both the audio file from THE iDOLM@STER MASTER ARTIST 3 09 & THE iDOLM@STER MASTER ARTIST 09.
Link for MP3 download:

>tfw still can't move on from 765PRO :'(

Monday, April 27, 2015

Grand Theft Auto V [PC Steam]

We'll see how wild we can mod this game.
Also I've posted this 2 years ago:

If you want to join, come on in and we'll do some crazy heist or something but for now I'm waiting to see how the modding community will go for GTA V since R* kinda not support modding community because Story Mode and GTA Online is in one filesystem, not separate. Thus it might cause some unwanted advantage in GTA Online.

Possible mod for GTA V? Maybe itasha I guess ~

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Faylan (飛蘭) - HOLY BREAKER!

Album for this is not released yet, but I managed to get the full version from ripping the Game Archives.
Damn this Visual Novel is great, about 2 hours into it and so far so good. The title is HOLY BREAKER! -The Witch Betrayed Blue Moon Wicca.-

I read somewhere that this is just a 10 hours long VN, but I believe in Leo Kashida because he was the scenario writer of my all-time favorite VN Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ and because I'm a Keyfag (I know this is not under Key flag, but it's under VisualArt's flag which to this day I still can't believe it). Hopefully this short VN will have a great ending or some sort of deep feeling impact to it.

Battle between an Exorcist & a Demon Hunter? 10 Legendary Weapon? Colossal Beast?
Yeah, count me in.
Also character design lel, I know it's Hinoue Itaru but it feel like Tsunako rehearsing her character design on Hyperdimension Neptune & Date A Live.
Yep, Kotori VS Kagari confirmed. Thanks based Hinoue Itaru!
Link to download song:
No lyric this time since no official release of album/soundtrack yet and I'm too lazy to parse this song ~

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Itou Kanako ((いとう かなこ) - Hijitsuzai Seishounen (非実在 青少年)

This blog is dead, but it's not dead yet.
Well, I don't want it to be dead but yeah. Couldn't be bothered with San Andreas anymore.
I'm going to reboot it (how many times I said that? xdd)

Here's a filler to update to this dusty blog:
Hijitsuzai Seishounen by Itou Kanako. The soundtrack for Chaos;Child which is the sequel (kinda) for Chaos;Child. Demmit Kanako's voice is just too fitting for the SciADV games.
Yes I'll write down the transliterated lyrics here too.

Fukashigina mousou wa inbinaru sekai e
mutsuu no saibou ni mushibama re yuku

rasen no kaidan muchuu de kakereba
oikake rare tari oikakete i tari
Let's falling
doko made mo
What you gonna do?
Mōmoku ni

kāsoru dake ga tenmetsu o suru
hakuchū kyōki
Welcome to chaos world

fukashigina mousou wa inbinaru sekai e
mutsū no saibō ni mushibama re yuku
bokutachi ni mieru sekai wa
jitsuzai to uso no kyoukai

mewotojite ukabu negapojishinkuro
tozasareta noizu sakebi dashi-sōde
Let's falling
What you gonna do?

Uragiri no sora akaku somatta
akui zen'nou
Welcome to chaos world

Jiyūnaru mōsō wa kasoku-teki kaikan
hirogaru kansen ga yorokobi ni naru
bokutachi ni mieru sekai wa
jitsuzai to uso no kyoukai

Fukashigina mousou wa inbinaru sekai e
mutsuu no saibou ni mushibama re yuku
bokutachi ni mieru sekai wa
jitsuzai to uso no kyōkai

Link to download song:
Hijitsuzai Seishounen
Note: I already embed the artwork and lyrics on the song, but in case your player can't read the lyric, I put it up here.

The game will be Xbox One Exclusive for a year IMO, enhanced port comes soon. PSVita version I'm waiting :^)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review - Little Busters! Tokido Saya itasha


I got my hand on an exclusive itasha from RAiAN and he asked me to review it before can release it on his blog. Since I'm a big fan of Tokido Saya (yes, the 2nd best heroine in Little Busters!) so I took on his offer and launch it on my SA.

It looks good overall, the model is decent, though it doesn't have damage model... the itasha is... you don't have to ask :3 but there's bug in shadow and you can't enter the vehicle except via carspawner.

It may took some time for him to fix the bugs that I mention + some small bug that I found while riding it.

You can visit RAiAN blog to find more itasha! As for my blog reboot, yes it is coming soon, as of now I'm currently testing the new blog concept and such, but for now this will do ^_^ I'll probably do more itasha review and some converts but we may never know where times might take me.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Reboot of Animus-120 Zone

It's been a long time since I update this blog and it's been more longer since the last time I made mod for GTA SA. I thought that after I abandon this modding world, I would be left forever alone :v

But as time progress, people from my community and worldwide audience still comes to my blog and asked me "Are you making any mods?" "When will you release a new mod?" such question is normal and I keep getting them either from real-life conversation to e-mail. Even after a long vacuum, my blog is still getting a steady 40-80 visitors daily.

So as a comeback, I'm planning to reboot this blog. Yes, total revamp of the interface and spread out the influence to not only GTA, but also to the japanese world... (yes, animu, vn and such). When people asked me why did I quit modding, the answer is actually much more simpler than anyone thought: I'm simply too busy playing visual novels and eroges.

Expect the reboot to be soon, and with the reboot, I'm planning to release a mod that I haven't found around in the internet. Don't get your hopes up though, this thing is probably old and less popular than its twin... but still, why not do it I thought.

Cheers :D

np: yes dat's my new nickname, with reboot, comes a new rebirth :v

Monday, November 11, 2013

Servitas Vitae [SVTE] - GTA Online Crew Promotion

If you are a thrill seekers, love to jump around or causing havoc in the middle of nowhere or just want to run amok with the army chasing you, JOIN US!

We have no Levels limitation and I accept anyone that want to join. A little reminder though is that my Crew is just for fun, sure we do missions and races but like 65% of our times was spent on running around the backyard of Los Santos and causing havoc everywhere we go. I can also help with your missions or if you need a member for race, I'm always up for help (if I'm not helping other Crew member that is). 

I'm the Leader of Servitas Vitae and currently it's Invitation Only so if you wanna join, hit me up on Facebook or PSN and I'll invite you right away! 

Oh, I almost forgot, this is a PS3 ONLY players, so if you're on X360, I'm sorry bro .-. I wish GTA Online is play cross-platform T__T

some Snapmatic snaps of our crazy hangout sessions
fapping the strippers
*nal time! (dat blue hoody guy didnt noticed dat lol)
smokin' dopes during sunset
hunting animals (dat's me with sniper)
snipin' for some b*tches ass xD
Here's the link to our RSGC Crew Page:
I hope I'll be seein' yo ass on GTA Online B-)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Rewrite (リライト) - Senri Akane (千里朱音) Route Review [SPOILER ALERT]

Continuing my previous review, next is my favorite character and probably route in Rewrite. One reason why I like her: her unique personality (plus she likes to play FPS :3)

First off, to unlock this route, you must finish Chihaya's which is why I played that first. I started to fall in love with Akane when I see how she reacts and talk in Chihaya route. She seems fun and awesome and somehow she fits my taste (must be that FPS and high-spec laptop).

Senri Akane is the president of the Occult Research Club and the senpai of Kotarou. She is known throughout the school as "The Witch" because of her mysterious area surrounding her. In the beginning, she is just giving orders and shit to Kotarou xD but later on, it turns out dat she's more... fragile and a bit plain towards things about love and family.

When Kotarou accuses Akane for just staying home and don't have experience with love, Akane said this with DAT SAD face xD i just love her so muchh <3
Towards the end of Common Route (November 13) when the club was on a search for Inoue, the revelation happens again (same as in Chihaya's route) and it starts the Akane Route.

In the beginning of Akane Route, Kotarou starts off as the bodyguard of Akane. As the story progress, Kotarou started to realize the feeling he had for Akane, he is there to protect Akane because of the conspiracy around Gaia and the responsibility Akane have as the Holy Maiden.

Kotarou, in this route, is so determined and prepared to kill anyone for the sake of Akane, which is more reason why I love this route. The first part of this route consist of Akane and Kotarou searching for the Key so that they can decide what to do with it, though the failed and the Key was killed by Guardian. After that, more bad news: Kashima Sakura, the current Holy Maiden has died, so Akane stepped on and becomes the Holy Maiden.

1 year later, Akane and Kotarou travels around the world because of Akane's profession as the Holy Maiden. She cures people, help people and give them hope, while also deepening their relationship :v one day, when they're on the top of Martel HQ (the base of Gaia Japan), Akane tells Kotarou the story of Holy Maiden

It began with a girl that had the ability to heal people and for that some people started to worship her while others called her a fraud, the authority figures persecuted the girl and all of her followers; burning them at the stake. The girl still tried to heal people as she was being burned; one of the chard limbs of the person she had healed broke off, turned into a monster, and attacked the soldiers; making the girl feel deep regret as she died. Another girl was born from one of the original girl's followers who managed to escape the persecution, she had gained the girl's powers and bits and pieces of her memories, but feared them; and died alone while shaking. The third girl did not fear her powers and did the same thing as the first girl, however she met the same fate while wondering if she'd have a successor. The fourth girl was sold into prostitution and murdered by bandits, but felt happy because she did not harm anyone with her powers. The fifth girl was one of the bandits children, she killed all the bandits when she got older; the authority figures saw her power as dangerous and called for her execution. The sixth girl acquired her powers, but did not know what to do with it. In an attempt to not do anyone any harm, she threw herself into the sea. The seventh girl awoke on land and dat's it, Akane didn't tell what happen to her. One girl became an empress and oppressed people; her body was turn into eight pieces and burned. Akane explains that this phenomenon is a mutation among summoners called Transcription that allows a person to a person to leave a copy of themselves after death by making a contract with a young girl who does not have a self of their own. Kotarou then mentions that contracts were thought to be between summoners and familiars, Akane tells him that some of the girls had brain-cells that were not functioning at birth which gives him the idea that the Holy Maiden's powers turn those brain-cells into familiars. Akane smiles and tells him that he is correct; that the more the girl lacks a sense of self, the better the Transcription works, and when the current Holy Maiden dies, all of her powers pass onto the next girl; allowing her to perform Incomplete Transcriptions with people which is the way they seemingly heal people and why most people healed by the holy women choose to serve them. She then asks Kotarou if she has been acting strangely recently but Kotarou denies it; she eventually breaks into tears and falls into his arms. (Animus note: i cant believe i still remember all of those :v)

Few days later, Akane and the disciples gone missing. This part of the story consist of Kotarou trying to find where does she went and fights off the conflict of bad rumors spreading about the Martel group. When Kotarou founds out about the truth about the Song of Destruction (the rhythm dat suddenly plays in the world), he started to evacuate the civilian to the City of Stone (the alternate dimension that exist around Kazamatsuri). After awhile, Kotarou figures out where Akane is: the top of Martel HQ.
(the tree underneath is the vessel of Key)
In here, an epic battle ensues between Kotarou and the Earth Dragon because Akane wants to end her objective: use the Key to start the salvation . Few minutes later, the Earth Dragon disappear into mist and everyone of the disciples died because they used up the remaining of their life to control the Earth Dragon. Akane, unable to accept this anymore, asked Kotarou to kill her, but he refused and forced Akane to repent her sin by admitting her mistake and blamed for the end of humanity. At first she refused and goes limp but Kotarou support her and kiss her (epic sceneeeeeeee evaaaaa)
(i really like kotarou in this route lel, he's more dependable and brave)
(and she agrees to follow Kotarou to admit her sins)

After living quite sometime in the City of Stone, the remaining survivors continue their live and so forth. Akane is now less intractable, and rarely eats so Kotarou has to feed her. Unable to accept this, Kotarou goes to find the new Terra magazine and asked the editor, Ansai-san to expose the truth behind humanity's destruction, but alter the truth so dat everything is blamed on Kotarou instead of Akane. When Akane heard this, she went furious on Kotarou but he assures her it's fine. After a lot of trials and tribulations, it is decided that both Kotarou and Akane will be send for exile.

When they were about to part, Shimako (I didn't mention her at all, I know) has completed her Transcription from Akane, and starts to see the thing dat Akane sees and experiences, but Akane said to her dat all dat she saw is just the fragment memory of Akane, not hers. After that, Shimako accepts dat fact and Akane requested her to live her own life and enjoy it.

After all of those goodbye, Kotarou and Akane walks off to the distance and start to live together in the exiled part of City of Stone. -THE HAPPY EPIC END-
(DEM FEEL moment :') this is the best ending!)

The ending theme song for Akane is "Itsuwaranai Kimi e"  by Yanagi Nagi which gives it more epic feeling because of Akane's true feeling was exposed from the beginning to the end. From mere friend, to a revelation of love.

Some fun moment with Akane :v
(seriusly i cant stand dat eye transition >,< soo cuteee)

(dont ever forget this guys :v)

Closing this post, I feel that this route has all the best Key moment, plus Kotarou's determination that is not shown in the other route (I've completed all Heroine route, just Moon, Terra and OPPAI route left). Maybe it's just me but I like Akane's personality because I think I've met someone like her before... somewhere in my previous life, I believe.

Lastly, a closing word from me and Akane:

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

[APPS]Internet Download Manager 6.17 Build 8 (August 17, 2013)

Today I will share you the latest version of Internet Download Manager as of August 28, 2013. The title of this post stated the date for the application's release but I just managed to grab the update today. As always, if you don't know what's Internet Download Manager is, you can read the description I listed below (taken from the official website).

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. Simple graphic user interface makes IDM user friendly and easy to use.Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Unlike other download managers and accelerators Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance. 
Internet Download Manager supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing. IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle your downloads. You can also drag and drop files, or use Internet Download Manager from command line. Internet Download Manager can dial your modem at the set time, download the files you want, then hang up or even shut down your computer when it's done.

Other features include multilingual support, zip preview, download categories, scheduler pro, sounds on different events, HTTPS support, queue processor, html help and tutorial, enhanced virus protection on download completion, progressive downloading with quotas (useful for connections that use some kind of fair access policy or FAP like Direcway, Direct PC, Hughes, etc.), built-in download accelerator, and many others.

NOTE: Fix broken link on Pastebin (3/10/2013)
Internet Download Manager 6.17 Build 8


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rewrite (リライト) - Ohtori Chihaya (鳳ちはや) Route Review [SPOILER ALERT]

Today I decided I should write a review of Rewrite route that I have played just for the hell of it. I will start with a synopsis of the Common Route and then continues to Chihaya Route. The reason why I chose to play Chihaya Route first can be explained with this picture.
Ohtori Chihaya is a newly transferred girl to the protagonist's class, Tennouji Kotarou (天王寺瑚太朗). At first she hates him because of the first encounter, but it turns out that it's just "Ohtori Virus".  She has a supreme raw power beyond human imagination and quite clumsy ^_^

Towards the end of Common Route (November 13 for Gaian and Kotori Route, Lucia Route starts at different date... not sure with Shizuru, I just started playing her route today), evryone in the Club having a fight and the biggest revelation starts to unveil. This is the start for Chihaya Route.

At the beginning, I start to question the love between Kotarou and Chihaya because this is the first Key game I played that doesn't have strong love feeling in the common route, but instead it's developed in each heroine's respective route (though it has a weak hint that Kotarou cares for any heroine that we chose).

Their loves starts to spark when Sakuya questions Kotarou of why he has been following Chihaya around, despite she's just recently transferred. This route is full of comedic act between Kotarou tries to flirt with Chihaya and Sakuya just come to destroy dat xD even tho Chihaya already understand her feeling toward Kotarou. Though at some point, Kotarou thought of this:

Later on, it is explained that Sakuya is Chihaya's familiar. When Chihaya was little, her village was attacked by Guardian which made her lost both of her parent (DAMN YUU GUARDIAN >,<). At this point evry Guardian is searching for evry Summoners that survives the attack. Chihaya was found but manage to ran away. She stopped at a big tree and wished that someone can protect her... and it was granted.
(I will protect you)

Really, this route is just about Kotarou fighting the Hunters and trying to replace Sakuya's role to protect Chihaya as Kotarou promised. Though in the end... Sakuya has to sacrifice himself to stop the madness Akane started... T__T
(this CG is just... overwhelmingly cool~ sacrifice has never been this cool!)

The reason why this route is important, to me, is because this also explain Sakuya's past. Why is it important? Because it explains that Sakuya used to have the ability to Rewrite, the same as Kotarou. Though Sakuya failed at protecting the person he loved and the "salvation" started, which is why his regret has made him use his Rewrite ability to turns him into a tree. Now in the present time, Sakuya trained Kotarou so that he won't make the same mistake as Sakuya.

In the end, Kotarou goes to fight the "Mad" Sakuya because Akane used his power to summon a being enough to destroy the world. Note: the process to get close to Mad Sakuya is just too damn EPIC!!!! You must play this section of the game to feel the epicness dat I felt!!!
(I'm going to save him, Chihaya)
("Mad" Sakuya)

After knocking down Mad Sakuya, suddenly Sakuya wakes up and challenge Kotarou to a duel to settle whether Kotarou is strong enough to protect Chihaya (because Sakuya is already at his limit as a familiar and will disappear any moment). They spar, Kotarou with his Aurora Blade and Sakuya with his Sakura Katana. In the end, Kotarou overpowered Sakuya, and after that... Sakuya is gone to dust... DEM FEEL T___T

Some time has passed, with Chihaya lost her power of Summoners because her contract with Sakuya is gone, Kotarou and Chihaya has lived a good life and start the "lovey-dovey, touchy-feel" relationship that they always wanted. But deep within their own heart, both of them missed Sakuya because he's more than familiar, he is a family. As the story coming to a close, Chihaya prayed once again at the place where Sakuya disappeared... and then this happen... dem feel T__T
(Took you so long to come... baka)

Akane Route will be unlocked after you completed Chihaya Route, which is what I played next and it turns out... my favorite route :D I will post about it if I have the time later on.  The ending theme song for Chihaya is "Yami no Kanata e" by Mizutani Runa which fits perfectly to end the story (though I found out that the basic three route used this theme song too, but it still fit each of it for some reason.)

Closing this post, I can say dat this is one of my favorite routes in Rewrite because it has a lot of fighting scenes, romantic scenes, and most importantly, dat epic Key Moment which makes us cry...

Oh, lastly, here's a good quote from Sakuya that I will always remember:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

[REL]Draxster Volume 2 ENB

Yep, the ENB dat I crafted with my own tears, sweat and blood is finally here. A continuation of the long-gone ENB dat started it all in 2011.

After one month of testing, I can finally release this ENB. Note that you may need to adjust the setting inside effect.txt to match your monitor's resolution. Without further ado, here's a few snaps of its prowess.

Draxster ENB Volume 2

Also, I would like to tell you guys dat I had an accident last week dat rip my ligament, thus rendering me unable to walk with both feet. It's already recovering and I can move around a bit, but it still hurts alot. Please pray for my wellbeing guys ^^