Sunday, October 7, 2012

Birthday :D

/>Thread #137 - October 7, 2012:

Yesterday was my birthday =D
I'm 16 now and yes, for all of you that hate me for not posting any mods in the last few months, that because I'm a bit... lazy to extract things from my HDD for quite some times. Plus my internet speed aren't as good as it was before so uploading takes some time.

But that's nothing of your problems; it's mine. I hope that I could post more mod soon but I don't know, who knows what will I do xD

Back to topic, yesterday friends of mine in the group gave me birthday gifts:
->Solid ENB v5 Beta Sephia Edition by Naufal Farras (he's my kuohai but he's nice to a senpai xD)
->Toyota Kijang Innova G v3 by ??? (haven't found the author yet, it's either Naufal Farras edited the .dff or Rizky Madya Alphast)
->Subaru Legacy Hatsune Miku Livery by Adit Brahmantha (he's such a good senpai to me)

I can't thank them enough, but all that I can do is post some epic SS =D
Once again thanks to you all who gives blessing to me! Be it via text messages, BBM, facebook or twitter =D Keep your hopes up! I'm not done with modding yet, just taking a break

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Friday, September 7, 2012

[WIP]Modern Warfare® 3 CM901 Multiple Attachment

/>Thread #136 - September 7, 2012:

As the title said, coming soon for San Andreas™ & IV™
Yeah, as soon as I found out what's wrong with my 3ds Max for SA exporter and figure out why I kept getting misalignment error in IV even though I have align it properly on my 3ds Max.
If you know why or can give me a good tutorial, be kind and tell me because I'm getting angry at my 3ds Max xD

It will be available in 2 option: with Masterkey Attachment or without it.

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Monday, September 3, 2012


/>Thread #135 - September 3, 2012:

You know what this mean? Just wait until I get the hang of modding it and I'll release weapon mods for both San Andreas™ and IV™ at the same day of release.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gran Turismo 5

/>Thread #134 - August 26, 2012:

Hi guys!
So I'm back at home now. My dad kinda slow on giving me his previous laptop to me but it's alright, I can wait until tomorrow or until whatever he's doing is done.

I can't do much about it so I'll just wait here and post a photos of Gran Turismo®5 that I just bought in Singapore. I know this is an old games (released 2010) but new updates still coming and this game is one of the best selling PS®3 exclusive
Enjoy ^_^

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Computer Station

/>Thread #133 - August 22, 2012:

Good news all!
I'm going to tell you the truth why I've been vacuum from modding all these times: it was because my current laptop is running out of HDD spaces and the spec is too low to run newer version of 3ds Max (I know I do not need newer version, but I like the new GUI interface in 3ds Max 2012). 

But worry not! My dad bought a new laptop yesterday and he gave his previous laptop to me (which is pretty decent by (Indonesian) gamer standard:
-Core i5 430M
-nVIDIA GeForce 310M 512MB
-HDD 500GB

While some people said it's not very good, but it's enough to play San Andreas™ with ENB and to run 3ds Max 2012 in full power. That's all for today, he will gave it to me (probably) on Saturday.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

BATTLEFIELD 3™ Close Quarters Guide Book

/>Thread #132 - July 27, 2012:

OK, today I'm not uploading new mods :'( but instead, I'm sharing BATTLEFIELD 3™ Close Quarters Guide Book which only available to BATTLEFIELD 3™ Premium users. I share this for free but please do not redistribute this documents to other websites without my permission.

I hope this guide book is useful for those that are struggling tackle the new maps and game modes that included in Close Quarter DLC. This guide book also covers on tips about how to unlock new weapon Assignments easily.

I know this guide book has been released a long time ago, but I just got the time now to return to modding scene again and once in a while, I do updates on BATTLEFIELD 3™.

No password for this guide book :) but please do not redistribute it anywhere!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

[REL]MR96 Revolver

/>Thread #131 - July 25, 2012:

Damn, last time I posted here was 1 month ago xD 
So I'm back. First release: MR96 Revolver. Quite a punch with .357 Magnum.
More coming tomorrow!

[Replace desert_eagle.dff & desert_eagle.txd]

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

[REL]M1928A1 Thompson

/>Thread #130 - June 24, 2012:

I dunno; just felt like doing some classic weapons =D 

[Replace ak47.dff & ak47.txd]
M1928A1 Thompson

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Friday, June 15, 2012

[REL]Cyberdyn CGW-06

/>Thread #129 - June 15, 2012:

Second and last mod released today. A futuristic weapon called CGW-06 manufactured by Cyberdyn. Hope this served well for those who waits for Black Ops 2™. 
I won't release new mods until next week due to long holiday and I'm currently working on creating a DYOM Mission for GTA San Andreas Group Indonesia on Facebook.

[Replace m4.dff & m4.txd]

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[REL]Boker Applegate Blade

/>Thread #128 - June 15, 2012:

First weapon mod today. A nice and sharp knife that will kill the enemy in one slice in the throat. HD Textures and models. 

[Replace knifecur.dff & knifecur.txd]

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Got Science

/>Thread #127 - June 15, 2012:

Okay, I got the Science Class guys =D now I can mod freely again.
2 new mods will be released in the next minutes.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


/>Thread #126 - June 13, 2012:

Hi guys,
I received a message that I won't be going to Science Class; but to Language Class. That's one hell of a bad new.
So no mods until I got Science Class guys.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

[REL][NMC]The Joker

/>Thread #125 - June 12, 2012:

Whaddup yo!
Releasing a new mod today! I know I should've wait for tomorrow or something but this mod was requested so I have to work on it fast and release it ASAP.
It's Joker from DC Comic! Took me sometime to put together the textures and everything plus making the normal map. Overall it's in High Definition and High Quality models. Thanks to Faqqih Script for the screenshot =D

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Monday, June 11, 2012

[REL][NMC]Battlefield: Bad Company™ The Legionnaire Mercenaries

/>Thread #124 - June 11, 2012:

Hi all! 
Sorry for the delay, my attention was drawed to playing Battlefield 3™ to unlock all the Assignments and I've unlock all the Assignments & trophies from Close Quarter Expansion Pack.

So, most of you people might now of the infamous Legionnaire Mercenaries; which serves as the primary enemy in the campaign of Battlefield: Bad Company™. So I took some time to do something to put this peds here!

Once again, many thanks to my friend Faqqih Script for taking his times off to take a nice screenshot of my peds. I have chosen the screenshots that I like the most to showcase it here.


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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Battlefield 3™ Premium

/>Thread #123 - June 7, 2012:

Hi all!

The streets are all hyped up because of the Battlefield 3™ Premium subscription services. We all know it was EA's plan to rival Activision's Call of Duty™ Elite but I mean, the reason why I bought Battlefield 3™ is because I won't have to worry about shit like this.

Anyway, I know that I won't be able to get Close Quarter Expansion Pack & Premium because of my economical status. At a surprise, I ask a friend of mine if he could gameshare his Premium with me.

And fuck me, he allowed me to do so.

I did jumping jack, kissed & hug my cousin, grab a phone of mine and tell a girl I like that I... well, like her xD So this guy give me his PS©N e-mail & password and I downloaded both the Premium subscription & Close Quarter DLC and it does work. Both the Premium & DLC. All the Assignments are available, I got the exclusive Premium camouflage and of course, 2 weeks early access to the DLC.
 (The new main menu of Battlefield 3™ if you buy Premium. Looks awesome, eh?)

So that's all for today! If you're going to buy Premium, hope you have a good time doing the Assignments and enjoying the new maps. New mods will be released later on today =D

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[REL][NMC]Battlefield: Bad Company 2™ Soldier

/>Thread #122 - June 5, 2012:

Hi all!
As my comeback to modding scene, I would like to release this mod that have been sitting on my computers for quite a while.  

Today I'm releasing Battlefield: Bad Company 2™ Soldier! The whole texture are in High Definition and I created a nice Normal Map texture to it. Also, I would like to thanks Faqqih Script for testing the Normal Map feature and taking a screenshot of the mod in action with its Normal Map. I don't have a good laptop so he'll do it for me =D

I made a new tag titled [NMC] which means Normal Map Compatible, so for those of you that has a nice rigs/laptop that can run Normal Map plugins will see the peds to be more realistic/reflective, which is a nice addition to the whole mod.


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Monday, June 4, 2012


/>Thread #121 - June 4, 2012:

Hey guys! It's me, Animus120!
May has finally come to an end and June has arrived. I haven't post or update for 1 month straight! You know why? May is the busiest months of the year (along with December) in Indonesia. I managed to San Andreas™ Multiplayer during short break but that's it. I was busy preparing for the next school year. With all of those behind, the yearly holiday is here and it's time to post some mods!
I will release a new mods within the next 5-7 hours :D As a compensations of my "break", here's some screenshots I took last week.

Maybe I'll upload my ENB Settings that I created. Some people thought my screenshots are excellent in terms of graphical capabilities, visceral and location. I dunno, you tell me whether it's good or not. If it's good, then I'll share it ASAP!
See you later :D

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

[REL]Battlefield 3™ M16A3 Multiple Attachments

/>Thread #120 - May 6, 2012:

Hi all!
I'm releasing a special mod today! I have asked permission to edit this weapon to suit my style. I have asked to edit it about 6 months ago but I only recently got time to do it (since hacking a model actually requires more attention and patient than just converting). Enough of the mumbling and here is the mod!

Battlefield 3™ M16A3 Multiple Attachments that comes with 3 different attachments variation. 
  • M16A3 with EOtech & Foregrip
  • M16A3 with EOtech
  • M16A3 with ACOG Scope & Foregrip
I made the foregrip to fit my Battlefield 3™ Animation, so if you would like to use the foregrip, download and use my Battlefield 3™ Animation (link will be provided below). 

[Replace m4.dff & m4.txd]
M16A3 with EOtech & Foregrip
M16A3 with EOtech
 M16A3 with ACOG Scope & Foregrip 
That's the screenshot of each variations! You can choose any variations that fit your playstyle or preferences in Battlefield 3™
I already asked for permission to edit this mod and use the attachments models. You can download the original mod from here:
Battlefield 3™ M16A4 ACOG


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Friday, April 27, 2012

[REL]Epic Dagger

/>Thread #119 - April 27, 2012:

Hi all!
It's the Golden Week =D
I'm releasing a new mod today. An Epic Dagger. Why it's epic? It has dual blade so that's double penetration (I think... I ain't a CQB specialist)

[Replace knifecur.dff & knifecur.txd]

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

[REL]Battlefield 3™ PDW-R

/>Thread #118 - April 18, 2012:

Hi guys, it's been awhile since I posted here xD
I'm currently having a tight school schedule and have little time for myself. Yet despite that, today I'm going to release a new mod because I have some free time today.
It's Battlefield 3™ PDW-R! I have included 2 textures, Black and Tan so you can choose that for yourself which one suits you the best. Oh yeah, as a note, the weapon original name is Magpul PDR.

[Replace mp5lng.dff & mp5lng.txd]


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Monday, April 2, 2012

[WIP]Battlefield 3™ M98B

/>Thread #117 - April 2, 2012:

Hey yo guys!
I think I should tell you that I AM CONSISTENT with creating mod for San Andreas™. So I'm making a mod from scratch (again). Please wait until I release it. I haven't seen this weapon for San Andreas™ yet so I'll be the first one =D
Hopefully I can get help from dedemitt to help texture this weapon. Even if she couldn't, painting the models will be good enough I guess.

Maybe I'll release this in the weekend or something. I have a quite hectic school schedule lately...

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

[REL]Halo: Reach™ MA32 Assault Rifle

/>Thread #116 - March 28, 2012:

Hi all!
I'm releasing a mod that I have been working on for quite a while and I hope you guys gonna love it. I made it from scratch and it doesn't have textures, just models that are colored to match the original weapon (which is from Halo: Reach™).

It's MA32 Assault Rifle from Halo: Reach™! It doesn't have .txd files but it doesn't matter, I colored the model to match the original MA32 AR from Halo: Reach™. As a sidenote, I do not rip this from Halo: Reach™, I create this weapon from scratch! I was planning to convert but I couldn't find any on the web. As you might noticed, the models are MQ while Halo: Reach™ has HQ models.

If you asked why it doesn't have .txd file, it's because I could not reach to my Texturer, dedemitt because she's busy with her school assessment. I don't know how to create a texture from scratch so fuck it xD I can only imagine what it looks like (models), but I cannot figure out the details (textures). Don't worry, you only need to replace the .dff and it will have both model & (so called) texture.

I hope you guys like it and please do not upload this mod anywhere else! I'm pretty sure that nobody has created the MA32 Assault Rifle. I know Lord Niti created the MA5B Assault Rifle but no one has made the MA32 variant.

[Replace m4.dff]

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Back from Surabaya

/>Thread #115 - March 28, 2012:

Hi all!
I just returned from my
デッド·サイレンス holiday and during that, I perfected the models that I made. Yes, it's been awhile that I made my own weapon models from scratch and this time, I don't think anyone has ever created this weapon. It's Halo: Reach™ MA32 Assault Rifle!

The models might not be perfect and it has no textures. BUT I paint the model so it has color of MA32 AR. Why I do not create the textures? Well, I couldn't reach to my Texturer, dedemitt since she's busy with presenting her Futuristic Earth models that she does for the school work.

All in all, the new MA32 AR will be released after this thread. I'm back to the modding scene, man!
Like A Boss B)

Oh yeah, here's some photos of my holiday:

Well, see you guys later =D
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

No New Mods Update

/>Thread #114 - March 24, 2012:

Hi all!
Sorry for I could not update a new mods for San Andreas™. My computer has problems and I'm focusing on downloading all of Kādokyaputā Sakura anime because I wanted to remember all the good old past time I had during my early childhood. 

I will uploading a new modification when I'm back from my long holiday don't your worry about it guys. I just so busy with activities that I do not have time to touch my 3ds Max.

Well, see you guys later !!!
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

PDW-R is Awesome!

/>Thread #113 - March 17, 2012:

Hi all!
Have you been playing Battlefield 3™ lately? I do =D
I'm trying to rank up my Recon Class so I played Team Deathmatch & Conquest intensively. Guess what: I'm making a killing with it.

So I tried my hands on PDW-R lately and surprisingly, my Score Per Minutes and Kills are rising! This weapon is unlocked at Rank 32 (Sergeant Major). My highest killstreak is 18 kills and I got those 18 kills with this baby! IT ROCKS!
Developed as a Personal Defense Weapon, the PDW-R differs from most other PDW concepts by utilizing the standard 5.56mm NATO rounds of the M16 or M4. This allows the PDW-R to share magazines and supply lines with standard troops while its short length and bullpup configuration allow the PDW-R to be easily operated in CQB. Though it lacks the accuracy of a rifle, the PDW-R has a greater punch at longer ranges than other PDWs.
Weapon Specs:
  • Auto Fire, Single Shot Fire & Burst Fire
  • Rate of Fire: 750
  • Ammunition: 20(+1)/30(+1) w/ Extended Mags.
  • Range: Short to Medium

This weapon is a killing machine and I already got 2 service stars in just 4 hours. I will attain another service star with 38 more kills. How did I do that? Let me break down my attachments and tactics:
  • Attachments
  1. No Optic
  2. Laser Sight
  3. Extended Mags
  • Tactics
  1. Get close to your opponent
  2. If you're cornered, don't ADS and just shoot from the hip
  3. Try to shoot in single shot or burst if your opponent is far away (5-18 meters)
  4. ALWAYS USE LASER SIGHT & EXTENDED MAGS (Optics are optional)! If you don't have them, kills 60 enemies with this baby and you're good.
  5. Remember, this weapon is the most powerful Personal Defense Weapon at longer range, always remember this.
  6. I suggest you to use SPRNT Specialization. This weapon is best used for Hit-and-Run tactics
  7. Recommended Class are Support. I recommend this weapon if you're not a good sniper but still want to rank up your Recon Class.
Well, that's my Attachments and Tactics. I hope it serve you well =D 
Of course you can use your own Attachments or Tactics, but these Attachments and Tactics suit me well and the proves are the amount of kills I got.

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Hikasa Youko (Kazane Hiyori) - Crayon

/>Thread #112 - March 17, 2012:

Hello all otaku!
Have you watched the Gekijōban Sora no Otoshimono: Tokei-jikake no Enjeroido yet? Well if you have (be it live on the theater one year ago or just downloaded the torrent) you might hear the Insert song on the part where Hiyori and the New World Club flying on the gliders. Well, I found the song and I would like to share it with you guys (be you're just a person who likes the song or Level-One Otaku).

OST Artwork

I have embedded an Artwork and complete song information information. No lyric as of now, will update when I found it later on.


Titles: Crayon
Artist: Hikasa Youko (Kazane Hiyori)
Album: OST Gekijoban Sora no Otoshimono Tokei Jikake no Enjeroido
Year: 2011

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Friday, March 16, 2012

English Speech Contest

/>Thread #111 - March 16, 2012:

Hi guys!
Sorry I cannot post a new mods today or tomorrow. I'm currently busy rehearsing for my Futuristic Speech Contest. The contest going down tomorrow (March 17, 2012) and I'm very sorry that I am not able to release new mod. This contest actually came at a rush, too. 

I was slagging at my classroom until a call from my senior told me to come downstairs to talk about something. Not knowing what will happen, I came down with my partner Rahma. When we arrived, BOOM! A new objective comes up. I gotta do this, I don't have to win this, as long as I participate, I got XP and more Veteran Points in the school.

I hope you all can understand this and please, pray for me! Pray that I would win tomorrow or in the least survived the goddamn match. Heck, I never back down. Like the song on my blog called: 
I will go on Until The End... for everything that is Worth Dying For, I'll be the Savior of number 2. I will fight until The Edge of the Earth!
Well, thank you for your understanding =D See you another time when I got the time to post a new mods!


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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

[REL]The Punisher (Normal Map Compatible)

/>Thread #110 - March 13, 2012:

Hi all!
You know a movie called The Punisher or the character that it portrayed? Well, if you like the movie or the characters (it's a Marvel Comic character, by the way). The movie was epic and I'm loving every bit of it! Trust me, you should watch it. At the end of the movie, The Punisher (Frank Castle) said this:

Those who do evil to others—the killers, the killers, the rapists, psychos, sadists—will come to know me well. Frank Castle is dead. Call me... the Punisher.
This ped has normal map so if you have Ryosuke's Normal Map plugins, it will work on this ped :D I cannot show the normal map in my Screeshot since my PC is sucks so it can't run Normal Map plugins but don't worry, it works ;) I have my friend tested it out and it worked. (Thanks to Faqqih Script & Stefan Sevenfold for testing the Normal Map on the peds. I couldn't done it without ya guys :D)


The Punisher


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