Back from Surabaya

/>Thread #115 - March 28, 2012:

Hi all!
I just returned from my
デッド·サイレンス holiday and during that, I perfected the models that I made. Yes, it's been awhile that I made my own weapon models from scratch and this time, I don't think anyone has ever created this weapon. It's Halo: Reach™ MA32 Assault Rifle!

The models might not be perfect and it has no textures. BUT I paint the model so it has color of MA32 AR. Why I do not create the textures? Well, I couldn't reach to my Texturer, dedemitt since she's busy with presenting her Futuristic Earth models that she does for the school work.

All in all, the new MA32 AR will be released after this thread. I'm back to the modding scene, man!
Like A Boss B)

Oh yeah, here's some photos of my holiday:

Well, see you guys later =D
>/End of Thread\<

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