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/>Thread #105 - March 5, 2012:

Hi all!
I'm very sorry for late mod updates as I'm currently busy with school problems. Plus to that, 3ds Max 9 has a rough start in Windows 8 Customer Preview Build 8250 (a very rough start). But with that problem solved, I'm back to the modding scene: up and running.

Also, I will deliver new mods every 2-4 days. So check often guys! I have a lots of unique weapons available for you. My current ongoing project is perfecting my ENB for Low PC & Battlefield 3™ Mod Pack is also running on the background (currently remastering every weapon that became popular in my blog and finding a way to distribute the mod and its DLC or patch if there is an error in the weapon.dat)

I wanted to ask Diego to rig some peds because I myself having problems as 3ds Max 9 has problems of rescaling them. Put that aside, there are 2 ongoing project and my main project are the ENB for Low PC.

Well, that's all I have to say, please forgive me for late mod updates. The new mods will be available for download within a few minutes!


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