PDW-R is Awesome!

/>Thread #113 - March 17, 2012:

Hi all!
Have you been playing Battlefield 3™ lately? I do =D
I'm trying to rank up my Recon Class so I played Team Deathmatch & Conquest intensively. Guess what: I'm making a killing with it.

So I tried my hands on PDW-R lately and surprisingly, my Score Per Minutes and Kills are rising! This weapon is unlocked at Rank 32 (Sergeant Major). My highest killstreak is 18 kills and I got those 18 kills with this baby! IT ROCKS!
Developed as a Personal Defense Weapon, the PDW-R differs from most other PDW concepts by utilizing the standard 5.56mm NATO rounds of the M16 or M4. This allows the PDW-R to share magazines and supply lines with standard troops while its short length and bullpup configuration allow the PDW-R to be easily operated in CQB. Though it lacks the accuracy of a rifle, the PDW-R has a greater punch at longer ranges than other PDWs.
Weapon Specs:
  • Auto Fire, Single Shot Fire & Burst Fire
  • Rate of Fire: 750
  • Ammunition: 20(+1)/30(+1) w/ Extended Mags.
  • Range: Short to Medium

This weapon is a killing machine and I already got 2 service stars in just 4 hours. I will attain another service star with 38 more kills. How did I do that? Let me break down my attachments and tactics:
  • Attachments
  1. No Optic
  2. Laser Sight
  3. Extended Mags
  • Tactics
  1. Get close to your opponent
  2. If you're cornered, don't ADS and just shoot from the hip
  3. Try to shoot in single shot or burst if your opponent is far away (5-18 meters)
  4. ALWAYS USE LASER SIGHT & EXTENDED MAGS (Optics are optional)! If you don't have them, kills 60 enemies with this baby and you're good.
  5. Remember, this weapon is the most powerful Personal Defense Weapon at longer range, always remember this.
  6. I suggest you to use SPRNT Specialization. This weapon is best used for Hit-and-Run tactics
  7. Recommended Class are Support. I recommend this weapon if you're not a good sniper but still want to rank up your Recon Class.
Well, that's my Attachments and Tactics. I hope it serve you well =D 
Of course you can use your own Attachments or Tactics, but these Attachments and Tactics suit me well and the proves are the amount of kills I got.

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