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Hi all!
I'm releasing a mod that I have been working on for quite a while and I hope you guys gonna love it. I made it from scratch and it doesn't have textures, just models that are colored to match the original weapon (which is from Halo: Reach™).

It's MA32 Assault Rifle from Halo: Reach™! It doesn't have .txd files but it doesn't matter, I colored the model to match the original MA32 AR from Halo: Reach™. As a sidenote, I do not rip this from Halo: Reach™, I create this weapon from scratch! I was planning to convert but I couldn't find any on the web. As you might noticed, the models are MQ while Halo: Reach™ has HQ models.

If you asked why it doesn't have .txd file, it's because I could not reach to my Texturer, dedemitt because she's busy with her school assessment. I don't know how to create a texture from scratch so fuck it xD I can only imagine what it looks like (models), but I cannot figure out the details (textures). Don't worry, you only need to replace the .dff and it will have both model & (so called) texture.

I hope you guys like it and please do not upload this mod anywhere else! I'm pretty sure that nobody has created the MA32 Assault Rifle. I know Lord Niti created the MA5B Assault Rifle but no one has made the MA32 variant.

[Replace m4.dff]

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  1. awesome bro! but if u can u should re-release it with a better texture

  2. dude u really need better textures
    i am lordniti and me personally don't like it its like a cartoon assault rifle its better my way to use the halo reach textures as that things :S

    1. if you have the halo reach textures, you can texture it yourself then =D im a big fan of ur Halo mods so i dont really mind if you want to retex it


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