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/>Thread #111 - March 16, 2012:

Hi guys!
Sorry I cannot post a new mods today or tomorrow. I'm currently busy rehearsing for my Futuristic Speech Contest. The contest going down tomorrow (March 17, 2012) and I'm very sorry that I am not able to release new mod. This contest actually came at a rush, too. 

I was slagging at my classroom until a call from my senior told me to come downstairs to talk about something. Not knowing what will happen, I came down with my partner Rahma. When we arrived, BOOM! A new objective comes up. I gotta do this, I don't have to win this, as long as I participate, I got XP and more Veteran Points in the school.

I hope you all can understand this and please, pray for me! Pray that I would win tomorrow or in the least survived the goddamn match. Heck, I never back down. Like the song on my blog called: 
I will go on Until The End... for everything that is Worth Dying For, I'll be the Savior of number 2. I will fight until The Edge of the Earth!
Well, thank you for your understanding =D See you another time when I got the time to post a new mods!


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