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Hi all!
I'm releasing a special mod today! I have asked permission to edit this weapon to suit my style. I have asked to edit it about 6 months ago but I only recently got time to do it (since hacking a model actually requires more attention and patient than just converting). Enough of the mumbling and here is the mod!

Battlefield 3™ M16A3 Multiple Attachments that comes with 3 different attachments variation. 
  • M16A3 with EOtech & Foregrip
  • M16A3 with EOtech
  • M16A3 with ACOG Scope & Foregrip
I made the foregrip to fit my Battlefield 3™ Animation, so if you would like to use the foregrip, download and use my Battlefield 3™ Animation (link will be provided below). 

[Replace m4.dff & m4.txd]
M16A3 with EOtech & Foregrip
M16A3 with EOtech
 M16A3 with ACOG Scope & Foregrip 
That's the screenshot of each variations! You can choose any variations that fit your playstyle or preferences in Battlefield 3™
I already asked for permission to edit this mod and use the attachments models. You can download the original mod from here:
Battlefield 3™ M16A4 ACOG


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