/>Thread #121 - June 4, 2012:

Hey guys! It's me, Animus120!
May has finally come to an end and June has arrived. I haven't post or update for 1 month straight! You know why? May is the busiest months of the year (along with December) in Indonesia. I managed to San Andreas™ Multiplayer during short break but that's it. I was busy preparing for the next school year. With all of those behind, the yearly holiday is here and it's time to post some mods!
I will release a new mods within the next 5-7 hours :D As a compensations of my "break", here's some screenshots I took last week.

Maybe I'll upload my ENB Settings that I created. Some people thought my screenshots are excellent in terms of graphical capabilities, visceral and location. I dunno, you tell me whether it's good or not. If it's good, then I'll share it ASAP!
See you later :D

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  1. gan , saya minta linknya suzuki satria standartnya donk ! please ,,,



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