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Hi all!

The streets are all hyped up because of the Battlefield 3™ Premium subscription services. We all know it was EA's plan to rival Activision's Call of Duty™ Elite but I mean, the reason why I bought Battlefield 3™ is because I won't have to worry about shit like this.

Anyway, I know that I won't be able to get Close Quarter Expansion Pack & Premium because of my economical status. At a surprise, I ask a friend of mine if he could gameshare his Premium with me.

And fuck me, he allowed me to do so.

I did jumping jack, kissed & hug my cousin, grab a phone of mine and tell a girl I like that I... well, like her xD So this guy give me his PS©N e-mail & password and I downloaded both the Premium subscription & Close Quarter DLC and it does work. Both the Premium & DLC. All the Assignments are available, I got the exclusive Premium camouflage and of course, 2 weeks early access to the DLC.
 (The new main menu of Battlefield 3™ if you buy Premium. Looks awesome, eh?)

So that's all for today! If you're going to buy Premium, hope you have a good time doing the Assignments and enjoying the new maps. New mods will be released later on today =D

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  1. The point of paying after paying is pure bullshit. I raised my voice during the beginning of DLC era, corporate BS if you ask me.


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