[REL][NMC]Battlefield: Bad Company 2™ Soldier

/>Thread #122 - June 5, 2012:

Hi all!
As my comeback to modding scene, I would like to release this mod that have been sitting on my computers for quite a while.  

Today I'm releasing Battlefield: Bad Company 2™ Soldier! The whole texture are in High Definition and I created a nice Normal Map texture to it. Also, I would like to thanks Faqqih Script for testing the Normal Map feature and taking a screenshot of the mod in action with its Normal Map. I don't have a good laptop so he'll do it for me =D

I made a new tag titled [NMC] which means Normal Map Compatible, so for those of you that has a nice rigs/laptop that can run Normal Map plugins will see the peds to be more realistic/reflective, which is a nice addition to the whole mod.


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