Wednesday, November 9, 2011

[REL]Battlefield 3™ Animations

/>Thread #20 - November 9, 2011:

I had posted a screenies of CJ able to go prone in GTA San Andreas Indonesian Group FB and everyone demands it (even going as far as creating a movie with this anims). So I'm proud and glad I can release this animations which roughly resembles Battlefield 3™ animation.
Here's the link:
Battlefield 3™ Animations
Some screenies

Download and enjoy it, brothers!

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  1. where u got that CJ skin, is it a skin, or are it clothes, please reply

  2. It's actually a skin. I found it on Toast blog. I'm not sure. I could upload it if you want to :D

  3. I opened gta3.img and replaced rifle.ifp but i cant find huseuti.ifp, where is it?

  4. sweet. I love that CJ. It is legendary.

    1. you should chek Toast's Blog. he got some good military skins for this game

  5. gonna sound stupid but how do i use it ingame please

  6. Where you found the m4 photo above?


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