Monday, November 7, 2011


/>Thread #19 - November 7, 2011:

Okay, next D_Weaver project will be Mara. Recently I've been able to communicate with Mara and come to an agreement to put it in D_Weaver. I managed to get the work done very quickly (1 days, FTW 0.o) as the subject equipped the right properties for D_Weaver scanners.

Models 100% (Done in HQ & HD)
Textures 100% (Practically the easiest thing to do out of all of it)
Sounds 97% (The subjects do it directly towards the D_Weaver)
Animations 72% (I couldn't fully animate subject using Euphoria, so I used ANT which is more harder but the    result are epic)

So I just need to adapt ANT for D_Weaver project. I'd tested it few days ago and the result was epic. No LCall errors and it works flawlessy. Event recreated was 91% with GO level. The sounds that D_Weaver recorded was perfectly scripted and Face Poser adds more realism :D

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