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So, after a few hours spending my time playing Battlefield 3™ on PS3™ and PC (Origins :D). I found the game very f*cking interesting. My start might be a little rough (I keep getting a low K/D) but after I got the fucking V-Grip, I OWN THE BATTLEFIELD!

Why? Simple, it's because I'm not really that good at short burst and keeping moving. I tend to stick to a location with silencer and downed every motherfuckers trying to arm the M-COM.

Let's review:
The graphic is beautiful on both platform (PC & PS3). It's a bit heavy on PC when u jump on multiplayer (especially 64 Large server) and when u run on Max setting, you will be immersed by it. It's almost photo realistic! Try playing in Caspian Border and you'll understand what I meant.
On PS3, the particle effect (maybe) reduced, draw distance (surprisingly) the same but the texture load kinda slow.

The campaign was kinda fun (I like being a part of a squad instead of CoD lone wolf campaign). It was intense and epic actions. I like the artwork of BF better than CoD (excluding Black Ops) and the Frostbite really give a nice lightning touch to the game.

Frostbite 2 really deliver a next-gen game for current-gen console. It was epic! If you play it in the console, you will understand. It delivers huge and dense maps, beautiful and visceral graphics, destruction on both micro and macro scale, realistic animations that features ANT and an exotics sound that adds an immersive atmosphere to the game!
This is the heart of Battlefield games. Hell, I actually touched MP Pool before going to Campaign! Battlefield 3 sees the returning of jets (yay!) and I myself only got 3 jets down (so far...). In PC, you can play in a server where it has 64 players. Imagine that! Huge maps, 64 players, jets and vehicles...
That's all that you need to recreate a real-life battlefield.

Yep! That's all I'm going to talk about! I'm having a mad-assed day in Battlefield! I prefer playing it on PS3 since I'm better with controllers than Mouse+Keyboards. Wanna play with me? Comment and we'll jump in as a squad!
I rated this game 5/5 

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