Birthday :D

/>Thread #137 - October 7, 2012:

Yesterday was my birthday =D
I'm 16 now and yes, for all of you that hate me for not posting any mods in the last few months, that because I'm a bit... lazy to extract things from my HDD for quite some times. Plus my internet speed aren't as good as it was before so uploading takes some time.

But that's nothing of your problems; it's mine. I hope that I could post more mod soon but I don't know, who knows what will I do xD

Back to topic, yesterday friends of mine in the group gave me birthday gifts:
->Solid ENB v5 Beta Sephia Edition by Naufal Farras (he's my kuohai but he's nice to a senpai xD)
->Toyota Kijang Innova G v3 by ??? (haven't found the author yet, it's either Naufal Farras edited the .dff or Rizky Madya Alphast)
->Subaru Legacy Hatsune Miku Livery by Adit Brahmantha (he's such a good senpai to me)

I can't thank them enough, but all that I can do is post some epic SS =D
Once again thanks to you all who gives blessing to me! Be it via text messages, BBM, facebook or twitter =D Keep your hopes up! I'm not done with modding yet, just taking a break

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