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/>Thread #133 - August 22, 2012:

Good news all!
I'm going to tell you the truth why I've been vacuum from modding all these times: it was because my current laptop is running out of HDD spaces and the spec is too low to run newer version of 3ds Max (I know I do not need newer version, but I like the new GUI interface in 3ds Max 2012). 

But worry not! My dad bought a new laptop yesterday and he gave his previous laptop to me (which is pretty decent by (Indonesian) gamer standard:
-Core i5 430M
-nVIDIA GeForce 310M 512MB
-HDD 500GB

While some people said it's not very good, but it's enough to play San Andreas™ with ENB and to run 3ds Max 2012 in full power. That's all for today, he will gave it to me (probably) on Saturday.

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