Friday, January 6, 2012

Heart Warfare 2

/>Thread #66 - January 6, 2012:

I was challenged!
Who's first to send the SMS, meant you miss the person you text (in this case, it's between me and Natasha).

Ah well! Guess what? I can stand that!

Well, recently I am close to Natasha and having plans to acquire her, but then I keep referring to the event that take place approximately 2 years ago...

It was the time when I last met .NET! I couldn't forget of what happen even after 2 years had passed... even after we separated by 5000 kilometers!

So I won't be missing Natasha that quick! Maybe that's the reason the memory getting stronger by the time? That .NET still waiting for me and she will be mad if she knows what I did xD

Today, I was about to leave town to my hometown. I went to mosque first to have a Friday prayer. Before I went home, I made my way to Natasha to say her goodbye. I said that she will missed me when I left but she went on R.A.G.E mode or some shit (go on play RAGE lol. hippy-_-prisoner8 waiting for u). While walking to home, I got a text from her, stating that the first person who text each other means one of us missed the other one.

If Natasha text me first after the declaration, that mean she missed me (don't think that's going to happen) and vice versa.

But that's not going to happen. I won't lose because I kept having flashback of my sweet moments with .NET! 

Yeah... can we meet again, net?

>/End of Thread\<

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