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/>Thread #90 - January 31, 2012:

Hi all!I gotta quick updates about this topics. So I was on holiday and I'm staying over the night @Uncle's House. He got a good internet connection (nearly as good as mine, but not really).

I want to talk about Counter Warfare 2. It's a mod for Counter-Strike™ 1.6 that replace all the weapons, characters and maps with Modern Warfare 2 weapons, characters and maps. People might think it's this game is too old but I don't think so: without Counter-Strike™, there won't be no FPS that would define the true FPS feeling.

Anyway, what has been improved since Counter Warfare 2 2010:
  1. Aim Down Sight
  2. Killstreak Rewards
  3. Quick Knife
  4. Modern Warfare 2™ HUD
  5. All models & HUD are locked
  6. 2 Game Modes available: Normal & Deathmatch (how about SnD lol?)
  7. Hit Marker
  8. And lots more...
Here is some screenshot:
A video of the gameplay:
You can download this from its official website which is:
Counter Warfare 2 Official Site

Just register, download and use hjsplit to join all part!
I'm currently downloading part two right now, I think all parts will be downloaded by 30-45 minutes or so. I'll be enjoying this game for quite some times, though. As my laptop is Low-End :D

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