Friday, February 3, 2012

Life Problems

/>Thread #91 - February 3, 2012:

Okay, guys! So now I'm back at home. But we got 2 problems:
  1. The WiFi sends off Limited Signal (I can't play PS3 online)
  2. Counter-Warfare 2 doesn't wanna run! 
That is two hell of a big problems. Currently right now I don't have the feeling of creating any mods for San Andreas™ due to this. So I'm going to take more breaks until problem number 1 solved. I mean, out of all the times, why does the WiFi have to be fucked up when it is holiday times? I wanna play BF3 non-stop from dawn-to-dawn!

Yeah, I'm sorry for any inconvenience. For now, just download my previous mods and applications. Just wait until my problems are solved and I'm back to modding!

>/End of Thread\<

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