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My Gaming history & What I did on my break

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Hi all!
It's been quite some time since I last updated the blog (6 days, nearly a week) and I actually use those 6 days as a break and give myself some times to play one of my favorite PSOne
I have been playing Harvest Moon: Back to Nature™ during my break.

So, the reason why I play this game again is because my classmate recently downloaded PSOne Emulator and played Harvest Moon: Back to Nature™. I was like "Wow, this might be a good start" and so it was! Everyone on my class copied both the emulator & the game! (including the boys).

This kind of starts a competition of which one has a better farm and I actually downloaded the Harvest Moon: Back to Nature for Girlsso the girls can have their own competition for themselves (to be honest, it was more intense on the girls' side since some of the boys got sport activities).

Although we have the boys and girls version, we still have competition: which farms are better, which farms has the most Gold product, etc. and we all enjoyed it! I mean, the game doesn't require a good PC/Laptop to run and the gameplay is very persistence!

We have 11 PowerBerry to be collected (actually, it's 10 since the last one is special/mythical), we have to solve mysteries and for some of the old-time players: rumors to be revealed.

While I was young (I was born on 1996), my dad bought it on Day-One when it arrived in Indonesia and that was 1995. Around about 1998, my dad sold it because we need more money to move from our current location. About 3 years later I saved up some moneys (PSOne
became cheap when PS2 came out in 2000) and my mom adds up the rest of the cash and we bought a new PSOne!

3-5 weeks after I bought PSOne, I was looking for a games that has deep persistence that can keep me playing and returning to it everytime I got bored and I stumbled upon a game.
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature™

I kept on buying new release and keep returning to Harvest Moon: Back to Nature™. Even though at the times I used GameShark to help me out (my English weren't so good at the time) and my farm was actually epic.

So on 2006, I had to upgrade to PS2 and sold my PSOne. I gave all of my PSOne library (I have 52 games) except two games: Harvest Moon: Back to Nature™ and Gun Gage™.

On 2010 I sold my PS2 and bought PS3, as always, I sold all my PS2 library (I have 32 games) and kept 2 games: Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas & Devil May Cry 2. I actually bought Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition but it missing some gameplay elements from its predecessors so I don't really liked the game.

I do have handheld console which are PSP & NDS and I have Harvest Moon™ on both platform. I enjoyed Friends from Mineral Town since it's a remake of the classic Back to Nature but some part of the game was too hard. (example, the mining cave levels has changed from 10 in original to 255 in DS version)

So yeah, I'm enjoying this game again and this time; NO GAMESHARK!

That's all about my pastime history on gaming, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I share it to you guys and the new upcoming mods will be released in 10-30 minutes after this thread!

A screenshot of my
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature™ stats:
Also, a side note: 劇場版 そらのおとしもの 時計じかけの哀女神(エンジェロイド) DVD released today so people that live in Japan could pick it up and upload it on torrent... if you do so, please send the link to me so I can leech and as soon as it finish, I will seed for 2 months or more!

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  1. eh ane kira situ dah tua......
    ternayata sama2 lahir tahun 96 :D

  2. ah lo sam xD brengsek, ane mah msi SMA klas 1


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