Saturday, February 18, 2012

[REL]Prototype MSBS 5.56 w/ RDS

/>Thread #100 - February 18, 2012:

Hi all!
This is the 100th Thread in this blog! I'm so happy that this blog have a steady 100-200 visitors per day! I'm very proud of it.

To celebrate it, I want to release a special mod. Yes, this mod is special because this is the last weapon that BrainCollector made: it's Prototype MSBS 5.56 w/ RDS

Please read the README! included in this mod and find __SPECIAL NOTES__ section to find the original link for the mods and some history of this mod and why he stop creating new mods for Counter-Strike™.

So, goodbye BrainCollector! The Gamebanana Community will always miss you and we always open our hand if you wanted to return to the Community again!

Also please note that I won't be releasing new mods in the next 5-8 days because I wanted this mod to stay as long as possible so people can recognize BrainCollector's work and download it to be enjoyed in San Andreas™ universe.

[Replace m4.dff & m4.txd]
Prototype MSBS 5.56 w/ RDS


>/End of Thread\<

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