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/>Thread #96 - February 10, 2012:

As the title said: my family is taking a trip (again). But don't you guys worried! My blog is still up and mods are always available for download. While on the trip, I'm planning to convert weapons from Halo 3™ to San Andreas™. 

Diego4Fun came up with a good plan which is doing a Halo 3™ combo mods. He do peds rig and I do weapons rig. We have vehicles from Halo 3™, too but both of us don't have the skills to rig a vehicle. I have been thinking if Trento would want to do it... I don't know, people are unique in the modding business!

P.S: Massive thanks to Diego4Fun for sharing the link for Halo 3™ models! Good on ya, mate!

Well, see you all in another 4 days and enjoy your day!


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