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/>Thread #83 - January 25, 2012:

Well, I haven't updated the blog for 2 days because I was a little bit busy at the moment. Since the school year has started properly and my hard drives was full, I was forced to uninstall San Andreas™. Don't worry, I will continue to convert weapons for San Andreas since the required items is 3ds Max, default San Andreas™ weapon and the weapon that I wanted to convert.

Anyway, I've been thinking and working on this project quite a bit. It's called Battlefield® Pack which is just compilation of my most downloaded mod with few tweaks to the weapon.dat files, two peds I'm currently rigging (from BFBC™ & BFBC2™ if you can guess them, you're good) and maybe reMaster the Battlefield 3™ Animation if I'm not lazy xD

I have asked for Rudy057 whether I can hack his awesome Battlefield 3™ M16A3 models and he allows it! I was jumping jackin' cars in my neighbourhood! So I will work on it later on and upload it here.

It's been on progress since my friend asked me to just put my weapon into a pack and release them like a DLC or patch. I liked the idea and let people download my mods. I've gathered enough information and ask around my San Andreas™ Indonesian Community and they liked the idea, too. It's like an All-Star of my mods!

Update coming soon about this project and I will release the Rudy057's Battlefield 3™ M16A3 mods later today as I post this thread very late (0052 Hours).

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