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/>Thread #89 - January 31, 2012:

Hi guys!I don't know if it's such a good idea, but I'm telling my life story before I posted a mod because my friend's blog will show thread that... I don't wanna talk about it.

Let's get to the story:
So I have a best friend in class, she's short, she's in my school cheerleaders team and she's a good lead captain, lol. I always let her decide what to do next when there's an assignment tasked to us (or when we're in a group of people).

Not long ago, me and her sit together with bunch of other class mate. They're all girls and I'm the only boys (yeah, Scavenger Pro Perks on lol. I'm ravaging my friend's food and drinks while the other boys buy their food in the canteen) and one of the lead, prominent character (this character belong to Osiris) said: Why don't you both go out and enjoy each other?
Out of nothing, we both responded: NO!
Then the girls on the left said: You both says it together. It meant you both is a match from heaven!

Lol fuck that I thought. I don't want to date her because if we broke up, it will be fucking hard to let her do the hard work and it will be gay if I Scavenge for food around because she's my main target for food and drinks when I'm out of cash. 

It's been few months since we both said that until last night I got this dream: I went out with her.
Fuck the corporate world -_- With Natasha's is just around the corner (I think it's Valentine's Day that the Maths result came out) I need to think of how to pass this problems and let shit flow by. I do not think I wanted to be with Natasha due to her mythical nature and persistence of her secondary personality. I wanted to date a normal girls... Like Desy... or whoever!

Goddamn! My D_Weaver might get me in a lot of troubles :\

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