Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[TUT]Bypass Decompiling Models Error

/>Thread #77 - January 18, 2012:

Hi all!
If you're a Source™ game modders, you might come to face to one of these errors:
You face this errors while trying to decompile a Half-Life 2 Models to .smd file. In this tutorials, I will tel you how to fix (more like bypass) this problems. Here's what you need:
1. Notepad++
2. A .mdl file that has this errors

So, here's how to bypass this:
1. Instal Notepad++
2. Find the .mdl files>Right Click on the files>Edit with Notepad++
3. You will get this on your screen (it's code, really, written in C++ Language)
4. On the very first line, it reads like this: IDST0NULNULNULûÝà?weapons\nameofmodel.mdl
Replaced the 0 with coma (IDST,NULNULNULûÝà?weapons\nameofmodel.mdl)
5. Click Save and close the Notepad++. Try to decompile the model again and VOILA! It worked :D

You can thank me later ;)
Also, thanks for the guys @gamebanana for telling me (not really, it wasn't a tutorials and the thread has never come to conclusion) how to bypass the errors!

>/End of Thread\<

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