Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[WIP]GMod® is coming to San Andreas™!

/>Thread #65 - January 4, 2012:

Hi all!
I wanted to announce that now I'm expanding my mod horizon a bit further: that is, I'm now able to port modification from GMod®  to San Andreas™!

GMod® has a wider array of modifications than Counter-Strike: Source™. Why? It's because GMod® has airplanes, cars, peds, weapons, textures and building. While Counter-Strike: Source™ only has weapon & peds as its available modifications.

The reason why I'm unable to do it in the past is because the limit of accessing the game modification itself. By default, GMod® is another Source™ based game which is a modification of the original Half-Life 2™. The reason is being I do not legally own the game itself, I have the Non-Steam version of it, thus I'm unable to download modification from the official

All of the problem was solved with the help of Garry's Mod Indonesia Group. Now I'm able to download modification thanks to their supportive help and complete documentations that the group has.

So stay tuned for more mods from both Counter-Strike: Source™ & GMod® for our beloved San Andreas™!

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