Happy New Year 2012!

/>Thread #62 - January 1, 2012:

___-HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012-___ 
It has been a tough year, this one! A new adventure will be unfold and new girls is going to be taken down xD
I will be releasing more ports from various games from now on. I have tried to port from Modern Warfare, CS:S etc so just wait for it!
I, Tunky Wirawansyah wish you a happy new year for you and all of your family members. May God bless you and give you a better opportunity in this new year!
Some photos of what happening around my house:
Smoke is everywhere -_-
Light up my firework!
Get ready to fire, marines!


So that's about it. As I promised, I will be releasing the San Andreas™ Weapon Project later today. I'm tired T_T can't see shit. I'm not even sure whether I'm writing my blog in the notepad or on blogger.com (I'm serious -_-)
Well, happy new year from Bali, Indonesia!

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