Saturday, January 28, 2012


/>Thread #86 - January 28, 2012:

So, the First Deputy Principal had confirmed that my school got 2 weeks of holiday! :fuckyeah:
The reason being is a traditional ceremonies of Hindu religion that occurs twice a year. It's really good as it adds another layer of holiday on top of my Semester's Break. 

It also means more time for converting mods to San Andreas™. I have been getting my hand on converting vehicle to San Andreas™ but still no luck. I got some collision errors but yeah, things need step before it was perfect! :D

Anyway, as usual, my parent has plans for holiday. It will be 5 days of holiday into the Middle Java Region & Jogjakarta Region. That meant I could not post mods between tomorrow 'till next Friday, I think.

Next, I did not actually asked Natasha out due to a reason which I could not unveil at the moment. Actually, things started going sideways since 4 hours ago: she's betting with her friend on who scores higher on Math Test (goddamn nerd -_-). If Natasha wins, then she has to confess to me. If she lose, well I'll have some more happy days.

It's kind of getting back to the Episode of Ayunda Pratami era again but I'm not about to have another things like that again, due to the fact that Natasha is a pure gothic and dark aura around her. It's hard to made her lose the bet because her Intelligence Quality (IQ) is 125 :o

Nerd -_- Nuff said, I just have to reject her. So I'll try going back to either X_11, MPK Logistic or thinking back of .NET

That is all I gotta say for today, and I'm going for a holiday. Not gonna post mods :/ Don't worry, I'll release new mods instantly as I arrive back to Reach (my home)

>/End of Thread\<

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