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/>Thread #53 - December 21, 2011:

Alright. After 2 weeks development with Harvii, I left the project and proceed with the next target. Namely Natasha Carolina. While she retain most of what I want from a girl, I still felt in lost of failing to acquire PuPut!

Yes! PuPut fell into the hand of Osiris Clan: Vany. FUCK! His name is Vany. Can you fucking believe that? It sounds like a girl or some shit -_-

Oh yeah, my school divided into 4 clans: Plecink, Ability, Osiris & MP5K. I'm in MP5K cuz it sounds like H&K MP5K :fuckyeah:

Btw, random shit happen: Natasha gave me access to her Facebook! WHAT THE FUCK! I'm owning this shit... although I think she most likely think of it as acceptable, but I found it intriguing since we've recently met and she barely knows nothing about me.

Well... that's it for the day (night -_-)! See you next time!
I'll upload the third Battlefield™ mod to San Andreas™ later!

>/End of Thread\<

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