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Yo! What is up evrybody!
I'm so fucking happy today :D

Because I got the Complete Warrior Trophy from Battlefield 3™ Back to Karkand™ DLC!
(note: He looks like John Rambo to me :D)
YEAH! It's so fucking hard but I managed to do it... I guess my luck is good today!
The requirement to get this trophy is:
-Get a kill with a Jet (in my case, SU-35BM FLANKER-E)
-Get a kill with an Assault Rifle (in my case, Famas)
-Get a kill with a Tank (in my case, T-90A)

But I managed to do it :D
Here's how I do them:

First, I spawned at the jet, I fly to the enemy base (the US) then I started to shoot the jets. I failed at first attempt because I crash my jet to the US Base T_T

Second attempt, I spawned at the jet, fly around a little bit. My friend (who was in a jet) was in a dogfight, so I came along. After a few moments, the enemy jet got disabled by me. It was flying through the air; I don't know whether the pilot was dead or not, but I kept on shooting it. BOOM! Enemy killed :D

Next, I fly above the Construction Site (the map was Kharg Island) and bail out. Upon landing, an enemy spotted me and try to get my doggies. I flanked him and BOOM! He died :D

Afterward, a friend of mine was driving around the T-90A like a boss. I noticed that there was no person manning the MG, so I ride along with him. While we're driving towards the Gas Station, an enemy Jeep was driving along the rocky hill to my right. I tried to shoot them but I failed.

Finally, we arrived at the gas station. There was 4 enemies and 2 of them are Engineer (FUCK NO!), so I quickly shoots at a random and BOOM! He died, and soon the other one, too. After a few split second, the Trophy pops up. YAY!!!!!!

In the end though, an Enemy Support placed C4 on my tank and blow it up. I managed to bail out but I can't see enemies so they killed me :(

BUT WHO CARES! I got the trophy that for some people was impossible (I thought it is since I can't fly a fucking jets. But I managed to do the impossible!)

This is the Battle Report:
Battle Report 
(Notice that I got the Top Jet Score, despite I'm not very good at it)

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