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Jyukai - Anata ga Ita Mori

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Hello world!
I'm here to share my recent upload. It's an old song (2006) but I still like the song. It's as the tittle say: Anata ga Ita Mori. That's the tittle of the song. It's Japanese, yes and it came from the anime Fate/Stay Night.

OST Artwork

I've embedded this song with lyrics (Japs+English) and it's pretty epic, though. This is actually the first anime I've seen (I've seen a lot of anime during my childhood, but it was dubbed so I don't count that as anime). The anime itself is good and I recommend everyone to watch it for the sake of myself :D jokes. Just watch it. And the movies of it, too.
Here's the link:
Anata ga Ita Mori

I know some people don't understand how to open the lyric embedded within the song, so I will post the lyrics with the translation below:

fukai fukai mori no naka honoka kaoru itoshii
hibi no omokage sagashite mireba fui ni anata ga warau

furete mitakute te o nobashite mo hakanaku chuu o mata no desu

anata ni aitakute zutto aitakute zutto omou
nemurenu yoru o watari
anata ga nokoshita hikari to kage no naka ni tsutsumarete naite iru

DAME na atashi o kogashi shizumu yuuhi to
hadashi no mama ai no zangai o fu n de niji n da aka

furete miyou to te o kazashitara anata no koe ga shita no

aishiteru ima sara todokanu uta wa kaze ni saraware
haruka kiete itta yo
suna dokei sora takaku tobashite mite mo nani mo ano hi no ne wa hibikazu

nidoto wa sawarenai keshikitachi ga
sara sara nagaredashite

kesenai fuesugita kuuki kasanesugita kioku to sono te mo sono kami mo
anata ga nokoshita hikari to kage wa amari ni mo ookisugiru no deshita

fukai fukai mori no naka de

Within the deep,deep forest there is a faint fragrance, it’s lovely
If I search through the everyday faces, surprisingly, I find that yours is smiling

I want to touch it, but even if I reach out my hand to you, fleetingly, you soared towards the sky

I’ve always wanted to see you,always wanted to see you… That’s how I feel
When I pass through sleepness nights
I’m enveloped within the light and shadow you left behind, and I start crying

The setting evening sun burns a useless me
While barefoot, I tread on the wreckages of love and stain them red

When I try to touch you and I hold out my hand, your voice said

“I love you.” Even now after so long, the song which I failed to convey to you is carried off by the wind
And it disappeared far away
Even if I fly as high as the hourglass sky, there is nothing. The sound of that day is echoing

The sceneries which cannot be touched twice are
Rustling and flowing

“Inerasable.” The air is rising too much and the memories are over-piling. Even those hands, even that hair
The abundant light and shadow you left behind were too large.

Within the deep,deep forest...

深い深い森の中 ほのか香る 愛しい
日々の面影 探してみれば ふいにあなたが笑う

触れてみたくて 手を伸ばしても 儚く宙を舞ったのです

あなたに会いたくてずっと 会いたくてずっと 想う
あなたが残した 光と影の中に 包まれて泣いている

ダメなあたしを 焦がし沈む夕日と
裸足のまま愛の残骸を踏んで 滲んだ 赤

触れてみようと 手をかざしたら あなたの声がしたの

「愛してる。」 いまさら届かぬ 唄は風にさらわれ
砂時計空高く 飛ばしてみても何も あの日の音は響かず

さらさら 流れ出して

「消せない。」 増えすぎた空気 重ねすぎた記憶と その手もその髪も
あなたが残した 光と影はあまりにも 大きすぎるのでした。


I actually cried when I was kid listening to this song (not knowing the translation, of course) and now that I know the meaning of the song, I cried even more nowadays. Reminds me of some event occurred long time ago back in early 2010. Yes, I know it's rough, but still... it's epic. My play counts on this song is 1172 times.

Enjoy the song :D (classic never gets old)

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