Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Battlefield 3™ Ownage!

/>Thread #36 - December 6, 2011:

Hi guys!
What kind of things make you happy? Money? Having a girlfriend? VICTORY?
Well, I'm on with the Victory. Why? Simple. I got 2 times in a row of MVP in Battlefield 3™!
Don't believe me? Oh, alright. Here's the photo:
_First Match:_
My Team (RU) Won!
[IDN]Animus120, 9 Kills/5 Deaths - Score 2658. 1st MVP!
A closer look:

_Second Match:_
My Team (RU) Won!
This one, I totally owned!
[IDN]Animus120, 23 Kills/6 Deaths - Score 5138. 1st MVP!
Closer look:

What made me amazed is I got high kills, scores with low deaths and most importantly, MY TEAM WON! :fuckyeah:

Thanks for reading :D

>/End of Thread\<

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