Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Back to Karkand™ Countdown

/>Thread #34 - December 6, 2011:

I'm proud and happy to announce that Back to Karkand™ is coming close! The Battlelog announced that their server will be down between 0900 Hours (CET Time) - 1300 Hours (CET Time). After that, I'm sure that Back to Karkand™ will be released!
Well, for Indonesia, it will be 1600 Hours (GMT +08) - 2000 Hours (GMT +08). After that, Back to Karkand™  released for PlayStation™ players!
Can't wait for it, guys! Have some screenies of Back to Karkand™ :
Back to Karkand™ announcement:
Graphic comparison from BF2 to BF3 (Strike At Karkand):
Gulf of Oman in FrostBite 2™ :
The assignment to get the special BF2 weapon:
Wake Island in FrostBite 2™ :
 Sharqi Peninsula in FrostBite 2™ :

So, the bottom line guys, I can't wait :D
Enjoy the screenies before playing it tonight guys ;)

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