Battlefield 3™ Back to Karkand™ Released!

/>Thread #39 - December 7, 2011:

Hi guys!
I'm here to report that I'm currently downloading the Back to Karkand™ DLC for PS3™. I'm actually amazed by the facts that it's only 1.3 GB (I was expecting somewhere around 2.3 GB or more). Probably done downloading by Midnight (thanks to Indonesia crappy backbone).
Here's the official Back to Karkand™ DLC gameplay trailer:
Things I'm gonna do:
I'll jump into the Sharqi Peninsula hands down first then Gulf of Oman then Strike At Karkand and lastly, Wake Island!
And of course, the new assignments for BF2 Classic Weapon unlocks. I'm going to unlock that!

Here's what you get in Back to Karkand™ DLC:

1. Sharqi Peninsula!
2. Gulf of Oman!
3. Strike At Karkand!
4. And lastly, Wake Island!
5. The BF2 classic weapons available for players to unlock:
6. Assignments. What a work!
7. New Advanced Dog Tags to unlocks!

Well, PS®N players got Back to Karkand™ DLC early because EA launch a false advertisements that the PlayStation 3™ version of Battlefield 3™ will get a free copy of Battlefield 1943™ included in the disc. It was false and EA got accused. In order to get their sorry ass out of trouble, they release Back to Karkand™ DLC 1 week early on PS3 than any other platform.

But in the end, we get the Battlefield 1943 anyway :D
The Battlefield 1943™ released: 
-November 26, 2011 on PS®N Europe
-December 10, 2011 on PS®N America
-December 17, 2011 on PS®N Japan and Asia

What? You didn't believe that? Here's the proof:
Battlefield 1943™ Voucher Redemption

Fuck yeah! I'm loving it!

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