Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mozilla Firefox 10.00a1 UX Review

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Hi all!
I've just uninstalled Mozilla Firefox 10.00a1 UX which is still in Nightly program channels. Thus meaning it's unstable and might have a lot of bugs. Well, I found it pretty interesting and annoying at the same time. If you noticed, there's Home Tab always opened in reserve, which eats up some RAM.

The painful part of that was when you opened a new small tab (for example: Java/HTML tab for blog), when you closed it, it will not close, instead, it will redirect you to the Home Tab (by default, it usually closed automatically).

I enjoyed my time with UX (around 4-7 days) since I'm able to tweak the code for it (which is why I liked Nightly because it's raw thus I can tweak it as much as I want). You can download it, but don't whine if it crash when opened or lost all your credential account on your browser. That's why: use it with caution!

I give score 8.7/10 for its new looks and I found the code pretty... interesting. Let's see how will they look when it reach Beta or better yet, released.

Nightly all!

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