Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halo 2 Theme Song

/>Thread #14 - October 29, 2011:

This one will be special. I would like to share something as a Halo fan.
It's Halo 2 Theme Song. It's the sound track which is very iconic for Halo games. My play count for this song in iTunes has reached 928 times played (both on iTunes & iPod). I like this song probably because:
1. I like love Halo;
2. I kinda like Orchestral music;
3. I like that mix of orchestra & electric guitar. Not to mention the choir

Well, that's all about it, here's the link:
Halo 2 Theme Song

And yes, I use this song as my blog on-the-fly music while you're browsing through it. So if you wanted to download it, I've shared it with you right here.

Enjoy, son!

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