CS:S_ AK-47>BF3 AK-74M

/>Thread #5 - October 29, 2011:

This will be the first post on Games Modifications,

In this opening stage of Games Modifications, I would like to post on my favorites PC Game that is 97% customizable thanks to Source SDK and Valve. The game is Counter-Strike®: Source™.
So, the modification will replace the default AK-47 into Battlefield 3™ AK-74M skin and the animation will mimic the BF3 AK-74M.

I will give you the link for the thread, you can watch videos of the weapon being tested in-game, the rating of this skin, some screenies and comments from other users who equip this skin in their CS:S
Battlefield 3 AK-74M
An introductory screenies:

Go download and enjoy! I myself find my kill counts increased by 23% because of this :)

/>End of Thread<\

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