Saturday, October 29, 2011

CS:S_GUI>CoD Black Ops MP Splash Screen

/>Thread #10 - October 29, 2011:

It's time for another CS:S Mods!
Now this time, it was created by me. All that I did was export the photo into a .vtf format with VTFEdit that is available in Source SDK. I released in 4 months ago, until now, it was downloaded 766 times (as of October 29, 2011). Surprisingly, I haven't found anyone created this type of GUI splash screen back then. I mean Call of Duty Black Ops is a damn popular game yet anyone mimic the MP splash screen for CS:S. So I make this :D
CoD 7 Black Ops MP Splash Screen

I'm going to re-upload a new screenshot for the post because I'm afraid people will think I'm using a pirated version of CS:S (which I am, I use Steam & pirate due to friends)

Anyway enjoy it!

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