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/>Thread #15 - October 29, 2011:

Have you been playing GTA SA? I'm sure you do.
But what if when you try to instal a mod (for example the GTA_IV_HUD.asi), a popup will appear and say:
"Your GTA SA exe is not v1.00us" or something like that and you can't launch the game, you will get frustrated. Yes, I've been through that, it was fucking annoying.

So that's why I've uploaded my gta_sa.exe v1.00us to solve these types of errors and you'll be able to play the game at its best!
Here's the link:
gta_sa.exe v1.00us

Download and have fun, my brother & sister!

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  1. Thanks brother ... I'm very need this fuckin .exe
    Keep Posting #thumbsup


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