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To comply my previous thread,
I posted a BF3 AK-74M for AK-47 slot, now I will post BF3 M4A1 to replace the default CS:S M4A1. If you've watched the BF3 Fault Line trailer (or recently playing it already because it's released in NA, currently waiting it to be released in Indonesia in November 2), this skin will be the exact copy of it. It's not a port, but it's copied by just watching the trailer (amazing!)
Battlefield 3 M4A1
An introductory screenies:
*Available in 2 different textures: the realistic M4A1 or BF3 dusty camo.

Download it and use it! Using it, I increased my kill counts by 57% (because I prefer to be a CT than a T, thus my kill count on M4A1 is higher than AK-47).


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  1. Gan animus nma brain collector mna?
    Yng bkin gk di cantumi .
    in nmanya ngeleech xD


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