Monday, November 11, 2013

Servitas Vitae [SVTE] - GTA Online Crew Promotion

If you are a thrill seekers, love to jump around or causing havoc in the middle of nowhere or just want to run amok with the army chasing you, JOIN US!

We have no Levels limitation and I accept anyone that want to join. A little reminder though is that my Crew is just for fun, sure we do missions and races but like 65% of our times was spent on running around the backyard of Los Santos and causing havoc everywhere we go. I can also help with your missions or if you need a member for race, I'm always up for help (if I'm not helping other Crew member that is). 

I'm the Leader of Servitas Vitae and currently it's Invitation Only so if you wanna join, hit me up on Facebook or PSN and I'll invite you right away! 

Oh, I almost forgot, this is a PS3 ONLY players, so if you're on X360, I'm sorry bro .-. I wish GTA Online is play cross-platform T__T

some Snapmatic snaps of our crazy hangout sessions
fapping the strippers
*nal time! (dat blue hoody guy didnt noticed dat lol)
smokin' dopes during sunset
hunting animals (dat's me with sniper)
snipin' for some b*tches ass xD
Here's the link to our RSGC Crew Page:
I hope I'll be seein' yo ass on GTA Online B-)

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