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Rewrite (リライト) - Senri Akane (千里朱音) Route Review [SPOILER ALERT]

Continuing my previous review, next is my favorite character and probably route in Rewrite. One reason why I like her: her unique personality (plus she likes to play FPS :3)

First off, to unlock this route, you must finish Chihaya's which is why I played that first. I started to fall in love with Akane when I see how she reacts and talk in Chihaya route. She seems fun and awesome and somehow she fits my taste (must be that FPS and high-spec laptop).

Senri Akane is the president of the Occult Research Club and the senpai of Kotarou. She is known throughout the school as "The Witch" because of her mysterious area surrounding her. In the beginning, she is just giving orders and shit to Kotarou xD but later on, it turns out dat she's more... fragile and a bit plain towards things about love and family.

When Kotarou accuses Akane for just staying home and don't have experience with love, Akane said this with DAT SAD face xD i just love her so muchh <3
Towards the end of Common Route (November 13) when the club was on a search for Inoue, the revelation happens again (same as in Chihaya's route) and it starts the Akane Route.

In the beginning of Akane Route, Kotarou starts off as the bodyguard of Akane. As the story progress, Kotarou started to realize the feeling he had for Akane, he is there to protect Akane because of the conspiracy around Gaia and the responsibility Akane have as the Holy Maiden.

Kotarou, in this route, is so determined and prepared to kill anyone for the sake of Akane, which is more reason why I love this route. The first part of this route consist of Akane and Kotarou searching for the Key so that they can decide what to do with it, though the failed and the Key was killed by Guardian. After that, more bad news: Kashima Sakura, the current Holy Maiden has died, so Akane stepped on and becomes the Holy Maiden.

1 year later, Akane and Kotarou travels around the world because of Akane's profession as the Holy Maiden. She cures people, help people and give them hope, while also deepening their relationship :v one day, when they're on the top of Martel HQ (the base of Gaia Japan), Akane tells Kotarou the story of Holy Maiden

It began with a girl that had the ability to heal people and for that some people started to worship her while others called her a fraud, the authority figures persecuted the girl and all of her followers; burning them at the stake. The girl still tried to heal people as she was being burned; one of the chard limbs of the person she had healed broke off, turned into a monster, and attacked the soldiers; making the girl feel deep regret as she died. Another girl was born from one of the original girl's followers who managed to escape the persecution, she had gained the girl's powers and bits and pieces of her memories, but feared them; and died alone while shaking. The third girl did not fear her powers and did the same thing as the first girl, however she met the same fate while wondering if she'd have a successor. The fourth girl was sold into prostitution and murdered by bandits, but felt happy because she did not harm anyone with her powers. The fifth girl was one of the bandits children, she killed all the bandits when she got older; the authority figures saw her power as dangerous and called for her execution. The sixth girl acquired her powers, but did not know what to do with it. In an attempt to not do anyone any harm, she threw herself into the sea. The seventh girl awoke on land and dat's it, Akane didn't tell what happen to her. One girl became an empress and oppressed people; her body was turn into eight pieces and burned. Akane explains that this phenomenon is a mutation among summoners called Transcription that allows a person to a person to leave a copy of themselves after death by making a contract with a young girl who does not have a self of their own. Kotarou then mentions that contracts were thought to be between summoners and familiars, Akane tells him that some of the girls had brain-cells that were not functioning at birth which gives him the idea that the Holy Maiden's powers turn those brain-cells into familiars. Akane smiles and tells him that he is correct; that the more the girl lacks a sense of self, the better the Transcription works, and when the current Holy Maiden dies, all of her powers pass onto the next girl; allowing her to perform Incomplete Transcriptions with people which is the way they seemingly heal people and why most people healed by the holy women choose to serve them. She then asks Kotarou if she has been acting strangely recently but Kotarou denies it; she eventually breaks into tears and falls into his arms. (Animus note: i cant believe i still remember all of those :v)

Few days later, Akane and the disciples gone missing. This part of the story consist of Kotarou trying to find where does she went and fights off the conflict of bad rumors spreading about the Martel group. When Kotarou founds out about the truth about the Song of Destruction (the rhythm dat suddenly plays in the world), he started to evacuate the civilian to the City of Stone (the alternate dimension that exist around Kazamatsuri). After awhile, Kotarou figures out where Akane is: the top of Martel HQ.
(the tree underneath is the vessel of Key)
In here, an epic battle ensues between Kotarou and the Earth Dragon because Akane wants to end her objective: use the Key to start the salvation . Few minutes later, the Earth Dragon disappear into mist and everyone of the disciples died because they used up the remaining of their life to control the Earth Dragon. Akane, unable to accept this anymore, asked Kotarou to kill her, but he refused and forced Akane to repent her sin by admitting her mistake and blamed for the end of humanity. At first she refused and goes limp but Kotarou support her and kiss her (epic sceneeeeeeee evaaaaa)
(i really like kotarou in this route lel, he's more dependable and brave)
(and she agrees to follow Kotarou to admit her sins)

After living quite sometime in the City of Stone, the remaining survivors continue their live and so forth. Akane is now less intractable, and rarely eats so Kotarou has to feed her. Unable to accept this, Kotarou goes to find the new Terra magazine and asked the editor, Ansai-san to expose the truth behind humanity's destruction, but alter the truth so dat everything is blamed on Kotarou instead of Akane. When Akane heard this, she went furious on Kotarou but he assures her it's fine. After a lot of trials and tribulations, it is decided that both Kotarou and Akane will be send for exile.

When they were about to part, Shimako (I didn't mention her at all, I know) has completed her Transcription from Akane, and starts to see the thing dat Akane sees and experiences, but Akane said to her dat all dat she saw is just the fragment memory of Akane, not hers. After that, Shimako accepts dat fact and Akane requested her to live her own life and enjoy it.

After all of those goodbye, Kotarou and Akane walks off to the distance and start to live together in the exiled part of City of Stone. -THE HAPPY EPIC END-
(DEM FEEL moment :') this is the best ending!)

The ending theme song for Akane is "Itsuwaranai Kimi e"  by Yanagi Nagi which gives it more epic feeling because of Akane's true feeling was exposed from the beginning to the end. From mere friend, to a revelation of love.

Some fun moment with Akane :v
(seriusly i cant stand dat eye transition >,< soo cuteee)

(dont ever forget this guys :v)

Closing this post, I feel that this route has all the best Key moment, plus Kotarou's determination that is not shown in the other route (I've completed all Heroine route, just Moon, Terra and OPPAI route left). Maybe it's just me but I like Akane's personality because I think I've met someone like her before... somewhere in my previous life, I believe.

Lastly, a closing word from me and Akane:

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