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Rewrite (リライト) - Ohtori Chihaya (鳳ちはや) Route Review [SPOILER ALERT]

Today I decided I should write a review of Rewrite route that I have played just for the hell of it. I will start with a synopsis of the Common Route and then continues to Chihaya Route. The reason why I chose to play Chihaya Route first can be explained with this picture.
Ohtori Chihaya is a newly transferred girl to the protagonist's class, Tennouji Kotarou (天王寺瑚太朗). At first she hates him because of the first encounter, but it turns out that it's just "Ohtori Virus".  She has a supreme raw power beyond human imagination and quite clumsy ^_^

Towards the end of Common Route (November 13 for Gaian and Kotori Route, Lucia Route starts at different date... not sure with Shizuru, I just started playing her route today), evryone in the Club having a fight and the biggest revelation starts to unveil. This is the start for Chihaya Route.

At the beginning, I start to question the love between Kotarou and Chihaya because this is the first Key game I played that doesn't have strong love feeling in the common route, but instead it's developed in each heroine's respective route (though it has a weak hint that Kotarou cares for any heroine that we chose).

Their loves starts to spark when Sakuya questions Kotarou of why he has been following Chihaya around, despite she's just recently transferred. This route is full of comedic act between Kotarou tries to flirt with Chihaya and Sakuya just come to destroy dat xD even tho Chihaya already understand her feeling toward Kotarou. Though at some point, Kotarou thought of this:

Later on, it is explained that Sakuya is Chihaya's familiar. When Chihaya was little, her village was attacked by Guardian which made her lost both of her parent (DAMN YUU GUARDIAN >,<). At this point evry Guardian is searching for evry Summoners that survives the attack. Chihaya was found but manage to ran away. She stopped at a big tree and wished that someone can protect her... and it was granted.
(I will protect you)

Really, this route is just about Kotarou fighting the Hunters and trying to replace Sakuya's role to protect Chihaya as Kotarou promised. Though in the end... Sakuya has to sacrifice himself to stop the madness Akane started... T__T
(this CG is just... overwhelmingly cool~ sacrifice has never been this cool!)

The reason why this route is important, to me, is because this also explain Sakuya's past. Why is it important? Because it explains that Sakuya used to have the ability to Rewrite, the same as Kotarou. Though Sakuya failed at protecting the person he loved and the "salvation" started, which is why his regret has made him use his Rewrite ability to turns him into a tree. Now in the present time, Sakuya trained Kotarou so that he won't make the same mistake as Sakuya.

In the end, Kotarou goes to fight the "Mad" Sakuya because Akane used his power to summon a being enough to destroy the world. Note: the process to get close to Mad Sakuya is just too damn EPIC!!!! You must play this section of the game to feel the epicness dat I felt!!!
(I'm going to save him, Chihaya)
("Mad" Sakuya)

After knocking down Mad Sakuya, suddenly Sakuya wakes up and challenge Kotarou to a duel to settle whether Kotarou is strong enough to protect Chihaya (because Sakuya is already at his limit as a familiar and will disappear any moment). They spar, Kotarou with his Aurora Blade and Sakuya with his Sakura Katana. In the end, Kotarou overpowered Sakuya, and after that... Sakuya is gone to dust... DEM FEEL T___T

Some time has passed, with Chihaya lost her power of Summoners because her contract with Sakuya is gone, Kotarou and Chihaya has lived a good life and start the "lovey-dovey, touchy-feel" relationship that they always wanted. But deep within their own heart, both of them missed Sakuya because he's more than familiar, he is a family. As the story coming to a close, Chihaya prayed once again at the place where Sakuya disappeared... and then this happen... dem feel T__T
(Took you so long to come... baka)

Akane Route will be unlocked after you completed Chihaya Route, which is what I played next and it turns out... my favorite route :D I will post about it if I have the time later on.  The ending theme song for Chihaya is "Yami no Kanata e" by Mizutani Runa which fits perfectly to end the story (though I found out that the basic three route used this theme song too, but it still fit each of it for some reason.)

Closing this post, I can say dat this is one of my favorite routes in Rewrite because it has a lot of fighting scenes, romantic scenes, and most importantly, dat epic Key Moment which makes us cry...

Oh, lastly, here's a good quote from Sakuya that I will always remember:

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