Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[WIP]Draxster ENB Volume 2

I'm working on an ENB dat focused on just taking skrinsyut, not for gameplay. So dont blame me if your PC lag so badd.

Progress: [UPDATE 11/7/2013 | 0506 Hours GMT +8]
ENB Setting - 90% done (it's decreased, I know. i need to clean up a few lines + getting night to look a bit brighter)
Effect.txt - 86% done (im getting the hang of tweaking the sett, it looks quite nice actually)
Timecyc - Imma ask the guy who made PhotoRealistic 1.0 ENB to let me use their timecyc PhotoRealistic 1.0 Timecyc (I've receive permission to use this timecyc)

If you guys have suggestion of what i should add or want to suggest about a good ENB setting line, dont hesitate to comment below or contact me on twitter/facebook. I'll list you on the credit list when it's released ^^

Some screens of how it looks like now:

New screen: [11/7/2013 | 0506 Hours GMT +8]

Last update (July 31, 2013)

gonna upload it very soon and release it.

Special thx to my senpai Putra Aditya for デート・ア・ライブ Yatogami Tohka livery :3 I know he hasnt released it publicly but he gave me for testing purposes. cant thank him enough cuz im a big fanboy of Yatogami Tohka <3

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